We're Back to Winter Hours in Level 2

We're looking forward to Level 2 like you wouldn't believe, and will be back to our winter hours. This means from Monday 31st August our opening hours will be as follows:

Monday - 8am - 3pm

Tuesday - 8am - 3pm

Wednesday - 8am - 3pm

Thursday - 8am - 9pm

Friday - 8am - 9pm

Saturday - 8am - 9pm

Sunday - 8am - 9pm

Friday Oyster Happy Hour (with Soho wine special for RAYC Members) will be back starting Friday 4th September - and don't forget we have a special takeaway brunch offer for Father's Day on Sunday 6th September.


© Akarana Eatery

Akarana Eatery is located in the Hyundai Marine Sports Centre


8-10 Tamaki Drive 

Orakei, Auckland 1071Winter Hours :


Opening Hours:

Mon-Wed : 7:30am-3pm

Thurs-Sun : 7:30am-late


P:  09 520 0203